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Gift A Feast To Salt & Pepper - Our Albino & Melanistic American Alligators

Gift A Feast To Salt & Pepper - Our Albino & Melanistic American Alligators

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Gift A Feast To Salt & Pepper - Our Albino & Melanistic American Alligators

Embark on an inspiring journey to support Salt, our Albino American Alligator, and Pepper, our Melanistic American Alligator.

By choosing to feed Salt and Pepper for a day, a week, a month, or a year, you're not just contributing to their care; you're ensuring they receive a diverse and nutritious diet tailored to their specific needs as apex predators. Their diet has been meticulously designed to provide them with the energy, nutrients, and enrichment they require to thrive in their habitat.

Your Generous Contribution Will Include:

A Variety of Fish:

Salmon, catfish, tilapia, carp, and trout, selected for their nutritional content to support the health and vitality of our alligators.

Seafood Selection:

Tiger shrimp, soft shell crab, and squid, offering a rich source of protein and essential minerals.

Poultry and Meat:

Chicken breast, duck breast, and chicken legs, along with whole prey like rats and quail, to mimic their natural hunting and feeding behaviors.

Essential Nutrients:

Each item in their diet is chosen to ensure Salt and Pepper receive all the necessary vitamins and minerals for strong bones, healthy skin, and overall well-being.

A Special Token of Our Gratitude:

In appreciation of your support, we will send you a digital "Thank You" certificate from Salt and Pepper. This certificate is a heartfelt gesture to recognize your contribution and to share a moment of Salt and Pepper's lives with you, highlighting the significant impact of your generosity.

If you choose to Gift A Feast To Salt and Pepper for an entire year, we will reach out to arrange a special visit to our facility. During this exclusive experience, you'll have the opportunity to personally prepare a full meal and feed them under the guidance of one of our lead keepers. This unique encounter allows for an intimate connection with Salt and Pepper offering a deeper understanding of their care and lifestyle, all while under the expert supervision of our dedicated animal care team.

The Impact of Your Support:

Your decision to feed Salt and Pepper plays a crucial role in their daily care and overall health. Providing them with a varied and balanced diet not only meets their nutritional needs but also contributes to their enrichment, mimicking the diversity of prey they would encounter in the wild. Furthermore, your support reinforces our mission to offer the highest level of care to all our animal residents, ensuring they lead fulfilling and healthy lives.

Join the Circle of Care for Salt & Pepper:

By supporting Salt and Pepper today, you become part of a dedicated community focused on the welfare of these extraordinary animals. Your contribution extends beyond the act of feeding; it signifies a commitment to the conservation and well-being of two of nature's most remarkable creatures.

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