Private Mammal Only Encounters


Private events are scheduled between 10am and 4pm while we are closed to the public. These are booked over the phone in advance. If you wish to interact with the mammals during your general admission visit you can find more information under the "Visit" tab on our website.

Pricing includes up to 5 people.

Choose between one of the following private encounters. 


$100-$150 Includes 15 minutes in The Reptarium Zoo with an animal educator who will allow you to interact with one mammal of your choosing! 



$400 Includes 30 minutes in The Reptarium Zoo with an animal educator with who will introduce you to 3 mammals of your choosing!

The Private Mammal Encounters only include time with the animal selected. To see the rest of the zoo a private tour or general admission must also be scheduled.

***Please keep in mind that these are animals and our number one priority is their comfort and safety. If the animal is showing signs of stress at the time of the event it may be necessary to postpone or cancel.***

Payment is due the day of booking. Please fill out the form below and we will contact you for scheduling-