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Gift A Feast To Lilo & Drogo - Our Two-toed Sloths

Gift A Feast To Lilo & Drogo - Our Two-toed Sloths

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Gift A Feast To Lilo & Drogo - Our Two-Toed Sloths

Join us in a delightful journey to care for Lilo & Drogo, our adorable Two-Toed Sloths. By choosing to feed them for a day, a week, or a month, you're directly ensuring that our sloth duo enjoys a diet full of the freshness and variety they adore and need for their health and happiness.

Your Purchase Includes a Carefully Selected Menu for Lilo & Drogo:

Leafy Greens & Veggies:

Crisp romaine lettuce, refreshing cucumber, and tender zucchini make up the bulk of their diet, providing essential nutrients and hydration.

Hearty Squash:

Butternut squash offers a sweet, nutritious addition that both Lilo and Drogo relish.

Balanced Nutrition:

Monkey chow is included to round out their diet with all the necessary vitamins and minerals, ensuring they're not just full, but truly well-nourished.

A Special Token of Thanks:

In recognition of your support, we will send you a digital "Thank You" certificate from Lilo and Drogo. This certificate is a heartfelt way to express our gratitude for your purchase, allowing you to share in the joy of ensuring our sloths' well-being.

The Impact of Your Purchase:

When you choose to feed Lilo & Drogo, you're doing more than just providing meals. You're supporting their overall health, ensuring they receive a diet that's balanced and enriching. Your purchase helps us continue our commitment to offer the best care possible, allowing Lilo and Drogo to thrive.

Be Part of Their World:

Feeding Lilo & Drogo today means you're joining a compassionate community focused on the well-being of these gentle creatures. Your support is a meaningful step towards a brighter, healthier future for our sloth family.

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