Tokay Geckos

Tokay Geckos

Sex: Unknown

Latin name: Gekko gecko

Compared to other gecko species, the Tokay Tokay Gecko has a robust build, with a semi-prehensile tail, a large head and muscular jaws. Though common in the pet trade, the strong bite of the Tokay Gecko  makes it ill-suited for inexperienced keepers.

Native Home: Tokay Geckos occurs in northeast India, Bhutan, Nepal, and Bangladesh, throughout Southeast Asia, including the Phillippines and Indonesia, and to western New Guinea. Tokay Geckos native habitat is rain forest, where it lives on trees and cliffs. It is an invasive species in the Florida Keys.

Size: Tokay Geckos can reach up to 14 in in length.

Diet: Tokay Geckos feed on insects and small vertebrates.

Reproduction: Female Tokay Geckos lay clutches of 1-2 hard-shelled eggs and guards them until they hatch. The eggs usually hatch in 90-120 days.

Lifespan:  In the wild Tokay Geckos can live up to 20 years, but in captivity is more likely to have a lifespan of 12-15 years.