Snoop Frog-Fantasy Frog

Snoop Frog- Fantasy Frog

Sex: Female

Latin name: Ceratophrys cornuta x cranwelli

  Pac Man Frogs are nocturnal and rest with their eyelids open. At extreme temperatures, they will enter a period of estivation, developing a thick layer of protective skin to trap moisture and aid in respiration. When estivation is complete, the frog uses its front and hind legs to help shed the protective layer. In many cases, the frog uses its jaws to help pull the skin over its back, often eating the skin in the process.

Native Home: The Pac Man Frog is endemic to the dry Gran Chaco region of Argentina , Bolivia, Paraguay and Brazil. 

Size: Adult Pac Man Frogs range from 3–5 in long and can weigh up to 1 lb.

Diet: Pac Man Frogs are ordinarily carnivorous, feeding mostly on insects and like-sized animals, and are known to cannibalize other frogs. Though they are capable of eating animals almost half their size, Pac Man Frogs sometimes eat things larger than they are. However, due to a row a teeth along their upper jaw, they are unable to release prey from their mouth causing them to potentially die by choking.

Reproduction: A large female Pac Man Frog can spawn several thousand eggs that hatch within 24 hours. The development rate of the tadpoles depends largely on temperature and food supply. Morphing can be achieved within 30 days. Froglets start feeding before the tail is fully absorbed and will accept a variety of invertebrates.

Lifespan:  The Pac Man Frog in the wild can live between 1 and 4 years, though in captivity and as pets, depending on diet and care, they may live 6 to 10 years and even longer.