Jumper-Cuban Night Anole


Jumper-Cuban Night Anole

Sex: Male

Latin name: Anolis equestris

The Cuban Night Anole is the largest species of anole lizard in the Dactyloidae family.

Native Home: Cuban Night Anoles are native to Cuba, but have been widely introduced into South Florida.

Size:  Cuban Night Anoles can range from about 13-20 in length, including their tail that is longer than the head-and-body.  Males grow larger than females, with adult males having a snout-to-vent length of 4–7.5 in, and the females 3.5–6.3 in .

Diet:  The Cuban Night Anole diet consists mainly of insects.

Reproduction:  Female Cuban Night Anoles lay 10-12 eggs in a clutch being spaced out at 1-2 eggs every couple of weeks until they are all laid. They can lay 1-3 clutches each breeding season. The eggs hatch in 4-6 weeks.

LifespanCuban Night Anoles can live 10-15 years in captivity.