Mr. Frizzle-Jacksons Chameleon

Mr. Fizzle-Jacksons Chameleon

Sex: Male

Latin name: Trioceros jacksonii

Native Home: Jacksons Chameleons are native to East Africa, but also introduced to Hawaii, Florida, and California.

Size:   Female: 10 – 13 in. (Adult), Male: 9 – 13 in. (Adult)

Diet: Jacksons Chameleons live primarily on a diet of small insects. They also prey on centipedes, isopods, millipedes, spiders, lizards, small birds, and snails in their native habitat

Reproduction: Jacksons Chameleons gives birth to offspring between 8-30 young are born after a 5-6-month gestation.

LifespanJacksons Chameleons can live  5 – 10 years  in captivity.