Guacamole- Meller's Chameleon

Guacamole- Meller's Chameleon

Sex: Male

Latin name: -Trioceros melleri

Native Home: The Meller's Chameleon is the largest species of chameleon from the African mainland.

Size: Meller's Chameleons typically reach 24 inches in length, but exceptionally large specimens have reputedly reached over 30 inches in length and have weighed 21 oz.  Females are generally smaller than males.

Diet: Meller's Chameleon are strict carnivores eating insects, smaller lizards, spiders,crickets, worms, and caterpillars.

Reproduction:  The length of time from the initial breeding of Meller's Chameleons to egg laying is approximately 90 days. A typical clutch of eggs range from around 25 to upwards of 90 eggs, on the average a female will produced around 40+ eggs. The eggs hatch at 140 to 180 days. 

Lifespan:  In the wild, Meller's Chameleons can live as long as 12 years.