Woma Python - What is It and How Big Does It Get? The Facts.

Meet the Woma Python!

Woma Python

What is a Woma Python?

The woma python (Aspidites ramsayi), is also known as Ramsay's python, sand python or just “the woma” They are a species of snake in the Pythonidae family. They are also a “sister” species to the Black-headed python (Aspidites melanocephalus), as they both have a similar look. The genus name, Aspidites, is a Greek name that means “shield-bearer” and the genus only includes two species, the black-headed python and the woma python. Their genus name refers to the shield-shaped scales on their heads. Their heads are generally narrow and they have small eyes.


Woma snakes have a pale brown dorsal with a pattern of scales that range from a medium brown color to lighter shades of orange, pink, or red. Their underside is usually a light yellow or cream color. Unlike their sister species, the woma python has a lighter color head, yellowish to burnt orange in shade.

How Big Do Woma Pythons Get?

The woma python is smaller python that only grows to about 6-7 feet in length, but they average about 5.5 feet. They usually weigh around 10 pounds or less.  Females are typically heavier in weight and grow longer than their male counterparts.


What Do Woma Pythons Eat?

Woma pythons typically eat rodents, small lizards, birds and other snakes.


Did You Know? The woma python is one of a rare few snake species that is immune to another snake’s venom. So woma pythons are known to eat other venomous snakes in the wild.

How Long Do Woma Pythons Live?

Woma pythons have an average lifespan around 15 years, though with proper care they can live up to 20 years in captivity. 

Where Do Woman Pythons Live?

The woma python comes from the western and central areas of the Australian continent. They mostly inhabit the southern parts of the Northern Territory, southern Queensland, and northwestern New South Wales.


Woma pythons are nocturnal, so during the day, this snake prefers to seek shade and shelter in empty tree logs, or under patches of grass and leaf debris. These snakes have a unique way of moving about the hot ground. Similar to a caterpillar, they will lift their long neck and body off the ground and reach forward before pushing off the ground again. This allows them to only have a few inches of their body touching the ground at a time.

Are Woma Pythons Venomous?

No! Woma pythons are not venomous or dangerous to humans. They are sometimes mistaken for being venomous due to their similar look of other varieties of venomous snakes. These snakes are generally docile and not aggressive towards humans or handlers. They very rarely bite their owners, but instead if they are scared, they look to escape and hide from threats or danger. 

Do Woma Pythons Make Good Pets?

Sure! The woma python is definitely a beauty of a snake to look at and admire! They are very even-tempered, and can be pretty social around humans if they have become acclimated to it. This is why the woman is a popular domestic pet and in high deman in the exotic pet trade. 


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