Vietnamese Mossy Frogs

Vietnamese Mossy Frogs

Sex: Male & Female

Latin name: Theloderma corticale

Native Home: Vietnamese Mossy Frogs are found in northern Vietnam and possibly in China. Its natural habitats are primary evergreen rain forests. It is a semi-aquatic that is found in caves and steep rocky cliffs. 

Size:  The female Vietnamese Mossy Frogs will grow larger than the males and can reach sizes of 3–3.5 in. Adult female Vietnamese Mossy Frogs are larger, measuring in at approximately 3.5-4 inches. Male Vietnamese Mossy Frogs are a bit smaller, averaging about 2.75-3.25 inches at maturity.

Diet:  Vietnamese Mossy Frogs eat crickets, cockroaches and earthworms.

Reproduction: The Vietnamese Mossy Frog is a tree hole breeder. They prefer to lay eggs above water filled tree holes in dead trees, where the tadpoles drop down into the water below. 

LifespanVietnamese Mossy Frogs are capable of living over 5 years in captivity