Pascal-Veiled Chameleon

Pascal-Veiled Chameleon

Sex: Male

Latin name: Chamaeleo calyptratus

Native Home: Veiled Chameleons are native to the Arabian Peninsula in Yemen and Saudi Arabiais an introduced species in Hawaii, where it is invasive in the local ecosystem. They can also be found in the wild in Florida.

Size: Veiled Chameleon males can be 17 - 24 in long from the snout to the tip of the tail. The females are shorter, no more than about 14 in, but they have a thicker body. Both sexes have a casque on the head which grows larger as the chameleon matures, reaching about 2.0 in in the largest adults.

Diet: Veiled Chameleons are omnivores. It favors insects, and it also eats plant matter, especially as a source of water.

Reproduction:  Veiled Chameleon females lays large clutches of up to 85 eggs and buries them in sand. Incubation lasts for 165 to 200 days.

Lifespan: The lifespan of a Veiled Chameleon is usually five years for females and up to eight years for males.