Pinochio- Rhinoceros Ratsnake

Pinochio- Rhinoceros Ratsnake

Sex: Male

Latin name: Gonyosoma boulengeri  

The Rhinoceros Ratsnake has a prominent, distinctive, scaled protrusion on the front of its snout, which has led to its common naming after a rhinoceros.

Native Home: The Rhinoceros Ratsnake is found from northern Vietnam to southern China.

Size:  Adult size of Rhinoceros Ratsnakes are 3-4 ft in total length.

Diet: Rhinoceros Ratsnakes are generally arboreal, and mostly nocturnal, hunting small mice and other rodents, birds, and perhaps other vertebrate prey.

Reproduction: Rhinoceros Ratsnakes will produce five to 10 eggs in a clutch. After 60 days' incubation.

Lifespan:  Rhinoceros Ratsnakes can live 15 years or more.