Perdida The Cow Reticulated Python

Perdida- The Cow Reticulated Python

Sex: Female

Latin name: Python reticulatus

Native Home: Reticulated Pythons are endemic to Southeast Asia.

Size: Reticulated Pythons are the world’s longest snakes and typically reach up to 16ft in length as adults. The longest Reticulated python ever recorded was 32 feet in length weighing 350 pounds. On the flip side, there are smaller Dwarf Retics (10-12ft) and Super Dwarfs (6-8ft).

Diet: Reticulated Pythons are opportunistic feeders and will consume a whole host of birds and mammals and have on rare occasions consumed humans in the wild.

Reproduction:  Reticulated Pythons are egg layers and will lay up to 60-100 eggs at one time.

Lifespan: Reticulated Pythons live, on average, 15-20 years, with some individuals reaching 25 or even 30 years.