Peaches- Honduran Milksnake

Peaches- Hypomelanistic Tangerine Honduran Milksnake

Sex: Male

Latin name:  Lampropeltis hondurensis

Native Home: Honduran Milksnakes occurs in the tropical rain forests of north-eastern Costa Rica, almost the whole of Honduras and Nicaragua.

Size:   The Honduran Milksnake is one of the larger subspecies of milk snake, attaining a length of 48 inches in the wild and some captive specimens reaching a length of 5 feet.

Diet: Adult Honduran Milksnakes feed mainly on rodents such as voles, mice, and rats, but will also eat birds, bird eggs, lizards, snake eggs in the wild. In captivity they feed readily on rodents.

Reproduction: Female Honduran Milksnakes are oviparous, laying an average of 3-18 eggs per clutch. The eggs incubate for approximately 60 days.

LifespanHonduran Milksnakes in captivity have lived as long as 22 years.