Karma-Panther Chameleon

Karma-Panther Chameleon

Sex: Male

Latin name: Furcifer pardalis

Panther Chameleons have unique toes. On each foot, the five toes are fused into a group of two and a group of three, giving the foot a tong-like appearance.             Panther Chameleons eyes have the upper and lower eyelids joined, with only a pinhole large enough for the pupil to see through. They can rotate and focus separately to observe two different objects simultaneously; their eyes move independently from each other.

Native Home:  Panther Chameleons are found in the eastern and northern parts of Madagascar.

Size:    Panther Chameleons can grow up to 8 in in length, and have a typical length of around 7 in. Females are smaller, at about half the size.

Diet: Panther Chameleonslive primarily on a diet of small insects. They also prey on centipedes, isopods, millipedes, spiders, lizards, small birds, and snails in their native habitat

Reproduction: Panther Chameleons females can lay between 10 and 40 eggs per clutch. Eggs typically hatch in 240 day

Lifespan: Panther Chameleons can live 7 to 8 years.