Mexican Red Knee Tarantula

Mexican Red Knee Tarantula

Sex: Female

Latin name: Brachypelma hamorii

Mexican Red Knee Tarantulas are a popular choice for enthusiasts. 

 Native Home: The Mexican Red Knee Tarantula is native to the mountain ranges in the Mexican states of Colima, Jalisco and Michoacan.

 Size: Adult female Mexican Red Knee Tarantulas have a total body length over 50 mm (2 in) and males having legs up to 75 mm (3 in) long.

Diet:  The Mexican Red Knee Tarantula has a diverse diet, including grasshoppers, crickets, moths, beetles, cockroaches, mealworms, small lizards, and mammals.

Lifespan: The female Mexican Red Knee Tarantula can live up to 30 years, but the males tend to live for only 5 years.