Jungle Carpet Python - Facts, Figures, and Everything You Need to Know.

Meet the Jungle Carpet Python!

Jungle Carpet Python


What is a Jungle Carpet Python?

The jungle carpet python (Morelia spilota cheynei) is a species in the Pythonidae family of snakes and a sub-species of the “morelia spilota” genus. Jungle Carpet Pythons are probably the most popular carpet pythons and they have a classic triangular head with a blunted snout and elliptical pupils with dark irises. They also have the “pits” near their nose and jaw, which act as heat receivers for their body. Most of them have a stripe that begins behind the eyes, continuing through and around the front of their snout.


Jungle carpets have a beautiful color pattern, with vibrant black and yellow shapes all over the back. The vibrant pattern helps the snake blend into the trees and in the dappled forest light of its rainforest.


Did You Know? The name “carpet python” is thought to originate from the scales of the snake, which can resemble the pattern of old carpets.

How Big Do Jungle Carpet Pythons Get?

When they reach adulthood, these pythons can reach 4 to 5 feet in length. Jungle carpets are on the smaller side of the sub-species of carpet pythons. Females are known to grow a bit larger than males, with some even growing up to 8 feet in length! 

Are Jungle Carpet Pythons Nocturnal?

Yes! These snakes are more active at night and prefer to spend the day relaxing and resting in the tree branches among the leaves. They also prefer to find trees and comfy spaces near bodies of water such as rivers or streams.

What do Jungle Carpet Pythons Eat?

Jungle carpet pythons are strictly carnivorous. They mostly dine on lizards, small mammals, birds, and frogs. While in captivity they are usually fed rats, mice, and baby rabbits.


These snakes are ambush predators. Instead of hunting for food, they hide and wait to attack their prey, and constrict it in order to eat it whole.

How Long do Jungle Carpet Pythons Live?

With proper diet and care, these pythons can live up to 30 years in captivity!  In the wild, their lifespan is a bit shorter at 15 to 20 years.

Where do Jungle Carpet Pythons Live? 

Jungle carpet pythons are native to a small area in Northeastern Queensland, Australia. Other sub-species of carpet pythons (Diamond Carpets or Southern Carpets) are also located throughout Australia, New Guinea, and northern New Zealand. These snakes prefer to make homes in dense-sub-tropical rainforests and in river basins towards the coast. They are mostly arboreal and prefer to live above the ground floor.


Are Jungle Carpet Pythons Venomous?

No! Jungle carpet pythons are nonvenomous. However, if they feel threatened they will spring and snap a bite to defend themself. Jungle carpet pythons generally are pretty calm animals and have popular as pets because of their easy maintenance, docile nature, and ability to reproduce in captivity.




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