Joker- Scaleless Texas Ratsnake


Joker- Scaleless Texas Ratsnake

Sex: Male

Latin name: Elaphe obsoleta lindheimeri

Scaleless is a recessive trait found in several types of snakes. Scales are made of keratin, this trait reduces the amount of keratin which is what creates the scales. The amount of missing scales can vary from few to almost all. Most scaleless snakes will still have their ventral scales.

Native Home:  Texas Ratsnakes are found in the United States, primarily within the state of Texas, but its range extends into Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

Size:  Texas Ratsnakes can reach length of 5-6 ft as adults.

Diet: The Texas Ratsnake will eat almost anything in the wild – lizards, birds, eggs etc, but in captivity you can exclusively feed them rodents.

Reproduction: Texas rat snakes are egg layers, and can produce up to 20 eggs. They will hatch at around 60 days.

Lifespan: The average Texas Ratsnake will reach between 10 and 15 years of age. Exceptional individuals may live more than 20 years.