Irwin- Northern Blue-Tongued Skink

Irwin- Northern Blue-Tongued Skink

Sex: Male

Latin name: Tiliqua scincoides intermedia

Native Home:  Northern Blue-Tongued Skinks are native to Australia and found almost exclusively in the Northern Region.

Size:  The Northern Blue-Tongued Skink is the largest blue-tongue. The total length of an adult usually ranges between 18 and 24 inches. 

Diet: Northern Blue-Tongued Skinks are omnivorous and should be fed a combination of proteins, vegetables/greens and fruits.

Reproduction: The Northern Blue-Tongued Skink is ovoviviparous, which means the offspring develop in eggs which are not laid and stay in the mothers body for further development. The female will give birth to live babies. A clutch ranges from 10-15 babies.

Lifespan: The Northern Blue-Tongued Skink can live up to 20 years.