Crackle- Black-headed Python

Crackle -Black-headed Python 

Sex: Male

Latin name: Aspidites melanocephalus

Native Home: Black-headed Pythons are found in Queensland, Australia.

Size:  The average Black-headed Python can weigh up to 24 lbs and range in length to 7 ft.

 Diet: Black-headed Pythons diet consists of mainly reptiles in the wild, including snakes, but they will eat mammals if available. In captivity they feed on rodents.

Reproduction: Females Black-headed Pythons incubate their eggs, which are laid during October and November, by coiling around them for approximately 2 months before they hatch.clutch can range from 8 to 18 offspring.

LifespanBlack-headed Pythons can live between 20-30 years.