Mossy New Caledonian Gecko


Firefly- Mossy New Caledonian Gecko

Sex: Female

Latin name: Mniarogekko chahoua

Native Home:  The Mossy New Caledonian Gecko are found on the southern portion of the island of New Caledonia and on the outlying islands of Isle ides Pins.

Size:  The Mossy New Caledonian Gecko commonly reaches a snout to vent length 5.5 in. It possesses a strong, well-muscled, fully prehensile tail and is not subject to dropping it as readily as some of its relatives.

 Diet: Mossy New Caledonian Geckos diet consists of Insects such as crickets, mealworms, flies along with  apples, peaches, pears, apricots, any flavor aside from citrus fruits. In captivity commercially prepared food is readily available.

Reproduction:The Mossy New Caledonian Gecko is the only Rhacodactylus gecko that lays adhering eggs. The eggs are generally laid on top of the substrate and are guarded by the female. The eggs hatch 60–90 days after laying.

Lifespan: The Mossy New Caledonian Gecko can live between 10-15 years.