Ben & Jerry- 2 Headed California Kingsnake


Ben & Jerry- 2 Headed California Kingsnake

Sex: Male

Latin name: Lampropeltis getula californiae

Two-headed snakes are rare but not unheard of. Two-headed snakes typically occur in the same way that Siamese twins do. A developing embryo begins to split into identical twins but then stops part way, leaving the twins joined.

Native Home:  California Kingsnakes are endemic to the western United States and northern Mexico.

Size:  Maximum adult size for California Kingsnakes is more than 6 feet in length, although average size is 3 to 4 feet.

Diet: In the wild, California Kingsnakes will eat just about any animal or bird small enough to be overpowered and swallowed whole, including rattlesnakes. In captivity they readily feed on rodents.

Reproduction: California Kingsnakes are egg layers, and can produce between 6-18 eggs. They will hatch at around 60 days.

Lifespan: In captivity, California Kingsnakes can live for well over 20 years, with 10 to 15 years being average.