Rhino Iguanas - What Are They? Everything You Need to Know.

Meet Bella the Rhinoceros Iguana!

Bella The Rhinoceros Iguana At The Reptarium Reptile Zoo


What is a Rhino Iguana?

The rhinoceros iguana (Cyclura cornuta) is a large lizard species in the Iguanidae family. Their name comes from the bony-plated pseudo-horn or outgrowth on their snout which resembles the horn of a rhinoceros. They have a greyish, dark green, and brown skin color. Like other members of the genus family, the Rhino iguana is large-bodied and heavy-headed. They have extremely strong legs and a vertically flattened tail. These animals are cold-blooded so they rely heavily on external heat sources to keep themselves warm. Rhino iguanas tend to move during the day as the sun shifts in order to get optimal internal temperature.

How Big Do Rhino Iguanas Get?

Rhino iguanas grow to be pretty large for lizards, an adult can range from 24 inches to 54 inches in length and weigh between 10 pounds to 19 pounds.

What do Rhino Iguanas Eat?

Rhino iguanas are herbivores. They mostly prefer to eat leaves, flowers, berries, and fruits. Even certain greens like swiss chard or lettuce are a favorite snack for the Rhino. Occasionally they will eat small insects

How Long Do Rhino Iguanas Live? 

The average lifespan for a Rhinoceros iguana can be anywhere from 16 to 17 years, though there is a belief that in the wild, these lizards have lived up to 75 years.

Did You Know? Rhino, a 40-year-old Rhino iguana, is listed in the Guinness World Records as the oldest living Rhinoceros iguana. He lives at the Australia Zoo, which is owned by Steve Irwin's widow, Terri Irwin.

Where Do Rhino Iguanas Live?

Rhino iguanas are primarily found in the Caribbean, on the island nations of Hispaniola, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic.

Are Rhino Iguanas Aggressive?

Rhino iguanas are generally docile creatures. However, if they feel threatened or sense danger,  they can become aggressive. These lizards have very strong jaws that can inflict serious injuries if they bite. They are also known to strike with their tails.

Do Rhino Iguanas Make Good Pets?

Rhino iguanas are a popular breed for prospective iguana owners. They are less social than other types of pets, and training them to be tolerant and friendly with humans is relatively easy. Keep in mind though, that this is not a low-maintenance pet. Rhino iguanas require a specific, regulated environment and need to eat a high volume of food in order for their nutritional needs to be met.


Is the Rhino Iguana Endangered?

Yes. The Rhino iguana is currently listed as Endangered (EN) on the IUCN Red list. It’s estimated that they are only 10,000-17,000 rhino iguanas left in the wild, and that range continues to decrease.





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