Albino Kusinir Island Ratsnake

Albino Kusinir Island Ratsnake

Sex: Male

Latin name: Elaphe climacophora

Elaphe climacophora is known as Japanese ratsnake or Kusinir Island ratsnake.

Native Home: The Kusinir Island Ratsnake is a medium-sized snake found throughout the Japanese archipelago.

Size:  Adults reach a length of between 3-5 ft and a girth of about 2 in Kusinir Island Ratsnake is the largest Japanese snake outside of Okinawa.

Diet:  Kusinir Island Ratsnakes eat a variety of small animals: rodents, frogs or lizards. They are good at climbing and often raid bird nests. In captivity they feed on rodents.

Reproduction: The Kusinir Island Ratsnakes hibernate for three to four months, mate in spring and lay 7–20 eggs in early summer.

Lifespan:  The lifespan of Kusinir Island Ratsnakes is generally 15 years.