100 Flower Ratsnake


Common Names are 100 Flower Ratsnake; Moellendorff’s Ratsnake; Red-headed Ratsnake

Sex: Male

Latin name: Orthriophis moellendorffi

Native Home: 100 Flower Rat Snake is native to China and Northern Vietnam, living in dense forest. They tend to hide in caves and rock crevices.

Size:  Adult 100 Flower Rat Snakes will grow to 4-8 feet in length.

Diet:  100 Flower Rat Snakes will readily eat rodents. They tend to eat small prey items for their size, and will refuse meals they deem “too big”

Reproduction:  100 Flower Rat Snakes are egg layers, they can lay 5-12 eggs. They hatch between 52-60 days.

Lifespan100 Flower Rat Snakes can live 15-20 years in captivity.