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Gift A Feast To Waffles and Grits

Gift A Feast To Waffles and Grits

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Gift A Feast To Waffles - Our Black-Throated Monitor and Grits Our White-Throated Monitor Lizard

Embark on an exciting opportunity to contribute to the well-being of Waffles - Our Black-Throated Monitor and Grits Our White-Throated Monitor Lizard. By choosing to support Waffles and Grits for a day, a week, a month or a year, you're not just providing him with meals; you're ensuring he receives a diet that's rich, varied, and perfectly suited to his nutritional needs.

Waffles and Grits' diet has been carefully crafted to mirror the diverse intake they would naturally enjoy, promotingtheir health.

Your Nourishing Contribution Provides:

Whole Prey:

Quail or rat, offering Waffles the essential nutrients found in a natural diet, promoting healthy digestion and overall well-being.

Seafood Variety:

Tiger shrimp and squid, adding necessary proteins and minerals to his diet.

Poultry and Eggs:

Chicken breast and quail eggs, providing high-quality protein and essential amino acids.

Fresh Fish:

Tilapia or trout, chosen for their omega-3 fatty acids, which support skin health and cognitive function.

A Special Token of Our Appreciation:

In gratitude for your generous support, we will send you a digital "Thank You" certificate from Waffles and Grits. This certificate is our way of acknowledging the vital role you play in their life, allowing us to share a piece of their world with you and express our heartfelt thanks.

If you choose to Gift A Feast To Waffles and Grits for an entire year, we will reach out to arrange a special visit to our facility. During this exclusive experience, you'll have the opportunity to personally feed them under the guidance of one of our lead keepers. This unique encounter allows for an intimate connection with Waffles and Grits, offering a deeper understanding of their care and lifestyle, all while under the expert supervision of our dedicated animal care team.

The Impact of Your Support:

Feeding Waffles and Grits is about more than just sustenance; it's about enriching their life and ensuring his continued health and happiness.

Your support allows us to provide a diet that closely resembles what Waffles and Grits would eat in the wild, catering to their physical health and stimulating their natural predatory instincts.

Moreover, your support is crucial to our ongoing commitment to provide the best possible care for all our animal residents, ensuring they lead fulfilling lives.

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