Online Virtual Private Tour

  • $15.00

Our virtual tours range from 5 minutes to 1 Hour Tour and includes exclusive access to the Reptarium with our Animal Educator on Staff. 

Private Virtual Tour of The Reptarium via Zoom. This new offer is a great opportunity to get an exclusive tour with many reptiles at The Reptarium.

Submit the form below or email to schedule an online tour. Please call 586-884-6941 to schedule prior to payment. Paying for your online tour is easy, just choose your private tour type from the dropdown box above and add to cart and checkout. We will add your online tour to our calendar online once we have received payment. 



Our tours range from 5 minutes to 1 Hour Tour and includes exclusive access to the Reptarium with our Animal Educator on Staff

**********Tours Available via Zoom.***********

Learn about reptiles and ask any questions you have from reptile experts during your virtual tours.