Rent The Zoo For The Day - The Reptarium

Rent The Zoo For The Day

  • $1,200.00

Do you feel like you could just spend all day at The Reptarium? Whether you are celebrating a special event or just hanging out with a small group, spend the day at The Reptarium with us!


5hrs - (including a 45-minute presentation and 4hrs and 15 minutes to hang out at The Reptarium) 

  • Feel free to add any of the upgrades above in the Birthday section to your special event.


  • Feeding gator or tortoise= $75 for group
  • Feeding both gator and tortoise = $125 for group SAVE $25 
  • Souvenir Photo For Birthday Kid (Individual & Group Photo) = $25
  • Special Reptile-Themed Goodie Bags = contact for pricing