Purchase your tickets and visit the The Reptarium! The zoo houses a plethora of reptiles and other animal ambassadors in naturalistic enclosures and offers opportunities for the public to learn about these creatures hands-on. Meet some of the world's rarest reptiles and our Two-headed snake! Ever wanted to hold a baby or GIANT snake?! We have giant snakes like Burmese pythons, Reticulated pythons, Boa constrictors, Blood pythons, and many smaller snakes. Are you obsessed with lizards? We have huge lizards like Night & Albino Nile Monitor Lizards, Asian Water Monitor Lizard, Monkey-tailed Skinks, Chameleons, & Geckos from all around the world. Gone crazy over gators? We have baby alligators  including our Albino and Melanistic baby alligators. Make friends with a tortoise or turtle! We have a Giant Aldabra tortoise, Leopard tortoises, Mata Mata turtles, and a large Turtle pond. If reptiles are not your thing, make sure to check out our variety of arachnids and amphibiansThe Reptarium is home to many more animal ambassadors to discover during your next visit. 

come hang out with me at the reptarium